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New Accent Reduction Toolkit

If you know anyone who struggles with an accent, whether regional American/English or other language, there’s a new app on iTunes that is a terrific course in getting rid of your accent. And I say this not just because I narrated

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Questions for Artists

John Koch-Northrup posted a series of questions on Ello, and I so enjoyed the questions and the process of considering responses that I thought I’d share the results. What or who inspired you initially? A few different things here. I

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“The Madness That Lurks Within”: review by George de Bruin

Not long ago, ambient artist Scott Lawlor approached me to narrate a story called “Russian Sleep Experiment”. This story was so well told that I thought for a while it was true–and wept for the horrors I read in the tale!

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Niel Rishoi — Online Review

Hearing Rebekkah Hilgraves is like being taken back to an earlier era of singing, where the versatile dramatic soprano was a plentiful commodity. Hilgraves’ voice is all of piece, with no area developed at the expense of another. The core

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Download acting / voice-over resume Download acting/voice over resume (long version) Member, SAG-AFTRA Radio Host – (1985-Present, list upon request) Industrial Voice-Overs – (1993-present, list upon request) Accents British English (South London, Buckingham Palace, Yorkshire), French, Russian, German, Italian, Scottish,

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Rebekkah Hilgraves is an experienced broadcaster, voice-over artist, media producer, opera and jazz singer, and is a member in good standing of SAG-AFTRA.

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La Traviata/Violetta, Little Opera Company of New Jersey, 2006

Violetta was beautifully sung and acted by Rebekkah Hilgraves, a soprano with a rich mezzo quality, a glorious sound …so moving as to bring a lump to the throat, especially as she is clearly a consummate actress as well.” –

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2005 premiere performances of The Eglantine by Sam Belich, NYC

An opulently effulgent tone… Her endurance and stamina were inspiring. I could imagine her singing a Leonora, taking a break for dinner and then coming out for Tosca as dessert. She sounded as fresh-voiced at the end of the two hours plus, as

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American premiere performances of chansons by Charles Bordes

Rebekkah … proves that some people are simply born to perform the music of certain genres or composers. Without reservation I can say much the same about Ms. Graves and French chansons, especially in her readings of the extraordinarily compelling

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Roles and Repertoire performed or prepared.

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