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Listen to At Water’s Edge on Stillstream.com, Saturdays from 2-5pm Pacific.

One of my favorite things to do is host a weekly program on StillStream.FM.  At Water’s Edge is an ambient music program that surveys new works from a wide variety of artists from all over the world. Sprinkled with interviews, poetry and interesting commentary about the music and the artists, the show airs every Saturday from 2-5pm Pacific.

There is usually a video component as well, broadcast at the same time as the StillStream feed, and includes curated images from photographers and painters whose work supports the music. Look for new episodes at http://awe.fm/hauslive, and check out the At Water’s Edge archive at http://rdhs.tv/awevchan.

You can subscribe to the At Water’s Edge podcast feed from the web site, or if you prefer iTunes, you can pick it up here.

TECHNOLOGY Starting life as a technical trainer for Cheetah Software Systems in Los Angeles, she moved quickly into technical support and documentation, finding need for both while with Cheetah. From there, she worked with the marketing team for software testing software (Software Research, Inc. in San Francisco), supported and documented UNIX-Windows interoperability software (Exodus Technologies and GraphOn Corporation in Seattle) and supported and project-managed a web-based collaborative development environment (in San Francisco-based CollabNet's New York office). After CollabNet closed down its New York operations, she formed SheTech and Company. Upon moving to Austin, Texas in 2006, she was invited to become Managing Editor of NetPerformance.com team, an online technical magazine. This prompted her to move more strongly into web design and content management, now the specialty of SheTech and Company. Now based in Los Angeles, California, SheTech and Company comprises a global team of highly skilled graphic designers, web designers, marketing/communications and database experts. Rebekkah brings expertise in CSS, Photoshop and graphic design, marketing automation, several content management systems and blog platforms (especially WordPress); she has a strong background in writing, editing and multimedia development and has written training courses on helpdesk, customer relationship management, and the Photoshop software. With additional experience in technical support and technical project management, Rebekkah Hilgraves brings years of experience to every development project. Rebekkah is co-author with David Busch of David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Adobe Photoshop.com and David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Photoblogging with WordPress. The "and Company" part of SheTech and Company includes some of the industry's most talented programmers, writers, graphic designers and database designers. OPERA Rebekkah Hilgraves actively performs in numerous operas, solo recitals and as a guest concert artist in venues throughout the United States. She gave the premiere performance of a new work, Rachel Rising (text by Rebekkah, and music by Rob Deemer) in Maryville, Tennessee, just outside of Knoxville. In and around New York City, she has performed the roles of “Violetta” in Verdi’s La Traviata (Little Opera Company of New Jersey, 2006), “Rachel” in the world premiere of The Eglantine by Sam Belich (New York City, 2005), “Elisabetta” in Verdi’s Don Carlo (Opera Drammatica, 2004), “Gerhilde” in Wagner’s Die Walküre (The Valkyrie Project, 2005 and Opera Drammatica, 2004), the title role in Puccini’s Suor Angelica (Chelsea Opera, 2004 and American Singers Opera Project, 2003), and has performed the soprano solo in Haydn’s Lord Nelson Mass (Ars Musica Orchestra and Chorale, 2002). Elsewhere around the U.S., she has appeared as soloist with the Buffalo Philharmonic (2007), Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra (1998, 1999, 2000) and with Orchestra Seattle/Seattle Chamber Singers (1999, 2000), as well as being a founding member of the women’s vocal ensemble, The Sisters (1998-2000). She presents frequent solo recitals in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Buffalo, and New York City.

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  1. Quick update: I’ve added “At Water’s Edge” to the iTunes podcasting directory (waiting for confirmation now), and continue to host and expand the show’s reach.

    Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed hosting the Drifting program, I’ve had to drop it, as I have not been able to give it the attention it deserves. A midweek show is difficult when one works a full time job.

    Continue tuning in to Stillstream.com for “At Water’s Edge” on Saturdays from 9pm – 1am Pacific! The most recent program (as of this writing) is the unveiling of Brian Wright’s epic new release EMPHATIC, along with interviews with the composer about the release, his background, his gear and his approach to the music.


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